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Revamping old content for profit

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Thursday September 11, 2008 )

Every new page of content is a ticket in the search engine lottery. Sometimes we crank out so much, we forget what we’ve done. For site owners running affiliate offers particularly, these pages can be a dormant gold mine.

If you’re stuck for ideas for new content to attract visitors and scratching around for new offers to run, revisit some of your old stuff. It may have become outdated, but with a few tweaks and some additional content, it could start cranking revenue again.

If the item is a few years old, it’s already likely well rooted in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), but the snippet displayed might make it abundantly clear the information is outdated, therefore no-one clicks through. A few updates to make it relevant again can turn on the traffic spigots.

I’ve also experienced situations where a page promotes a particular product and it’s never done well, no matter how I presented it. At the time, it may have been the only player in that market; but the market wasn’t quite ready. As the offer failed to generate interest, it’s just became forgotten, gather cobwebs in a corner of the site. By taking a fresh look at the page and benefiting from time that has elapsed and new skills gained during that period, I’ve often found new products or services in that genre that do extremely well.

Even if you’re not an affiliate and run a online store selling your own products, the same sort of approach can apply. Look through your inventory when you have a quieter moment for some of those “forgotten” products – with a little TLC and a fresh approach you may just have a best seller on your hands.

We often fall victim to the “more is better” approach, but sometimes less is certainly more – making the best of what you already have and making what you already have the best.


1 comment for Revamping old content for profit
  1. This is a really solid tip. I do edit old posts from time to time…. Or rather, fairly often, and it does seem to help the posts pull in traffic over time.

    Comment by Jack from eyeflare travel tips — September 14, 2008 @ 9:19 am

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