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Marketing through retargeting

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday September 11, 2007 )

Is it cyberstalking or just clever marketing? Retargeting takes the old advertising wisdom of “seven contacts before sale” to a new level.

Using patent-pending methods, a company called FetchBack has an interesting twist on getting an advertiser’s message across in a very targeted way; again.. and again and again.

In a nutshell, this is how it works:

– You’re visiting Merchant X, but don’t buy and click away from the site
– While you’re browsing another site, an ad for Merchant X displays touting a special offer. You ignore it.
– A day/couple of days later, you’re perusing another site and an even better offer from Merchant X is put in front of your nose.

.. and so on until you (hopefully) take the bait. This is no accident, the user has been tracked specifically for this merchant across a number of sites.

According to Fetchback, their technology is such that the ads can display offers directly relating to the item or service you were browsing on Merchant X’s site. FetchBack states that part of the secret to this being effective is not just the nature of the offer, but the timing – to bombard the user with the deal on every site may make them blind to it and they’ll not notice that the offer is getting increasingly generous.

All very clever.. and a little freaky :).

Personally, I think this retargeting service from FetchBack is a great idea and could certainly cut down on some of the costs associated with a shotgun approach to advertising off-site.

There’s no pricing for this service on the FetchBack site, so that’s usually a good indicator that it wouldn’t be cheap and likely out of reach of most small online businesses – but it’s an interesting glimpse of things to come that may be within a small biz budget. For us little guys, the best way to retarget is to try and grab an email address of the visitor through a subscription or popup offer and then hook that into an autoresponder system that follows up with the person over a defined period with different spiels.

Learn more about FetchBack’s retargeting technology.


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1 comment for Marketing through retargeting
  1. Yahoo Channel 7 news message boards are riddled with cyberstalkers and seem to flourish on there. They go against the yahoo TOS (Yahoo Terms of service)
    Which is following customers into message threads day in and day out seven days a week they are always on the message board.
    Impersonations. They impersonate all of our Ids after they have attacked and harmed us.
    They make up fictitious characters and invent multiple identities. There numbers seem to grow and flourish. They spread false allegations about their targets. They search out our where abouts on the net. Store material they find on their computer and then load material into threads to turn other posters against us after they have manipulated what they find. What they do is actually going against Australian cyberstalking laws. Yahoo moderators seem to be involved with them.
    Some of the cyberstalkers are hackers.
    Our IPs are found. Trojans are sent to us in spam. Our emails are impersonated to send out spam around the world. It’s many good citizens who are harmed off the board and falsely blacklisted by the cybertalkers attacks. While the cyberstalkers grow in numbers and go against TOS. TOS laws on Yahoo are only a smoke screen.
    Paedophile news threads are often put up with pouring hatred. Yet if we comment they need treatment all our posts are deleted. I have a feeling this is done to promote hatred on paedophiles so there becomes more of them for profits. As cyberstalkers tend to project which is reverse the blame for what they do if they falsely accuse others of being paedaphiles it usually means they are one.
    Customers who go into yahoo message boards have their IP’s found. I have had my zone alarm coming up with Yahoo will track our movements and log our keystrokes and search out our movements on the net.
    So yes i believe marketing is more important to Yahoo, than customers being badly harmed on there.

    Comment by deb — January 15, 2008 @ 11:00 pm

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