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Recession to boost online ads

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Saturday April 11, 2009 )

It’s often said it’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good and that would seem to be the case in relation to online advertising trends.

While more people are spending more time on the Internet, only 9.9% of US advertising spending goes towards online marketing. However, eMarketer predicts the online share of ad dollars will rise to just over 15% in 2013.

The Internet’s share of total media ad spending is has risen by around 1 percentage point every year and the spending shifts predate the recession, but the current state of the economy is reinforcing online advertising models as companies look increasingly to get more bang for buck – and the online world is a place where conversions are much easier to track.

As companies grow and become successful, there’s usually a lot of cash flying around – the ad spending can be so frenetic that nobody knows exactly what is working and what isn’t – it’s pretty much the leaky bucket syndrome. But when the poo hits the fan and money starts to dry up; everything is put under the microscope.

So while the recession may be casting a lot of gloom and doom, there are not only opportunities for companies to become more efficient which will set them up well for when/if things get better again; this will also a very positive thing for publishers, bloggers and affiliates who depend on ad revenue and affiliate commissions for a living. Time to blow the dust off your media kits and perhaps revamp your ad rate cards!


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