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Quick press release tips

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Sunday March 18, 2007 )

Press releases are an excellent way to get extra coverage and backlinks to your online business – and they aren’t all that difficult to create or expensive to distribute. If you use press releases, here’s a quick tip for squeezing a bit extra from this promotion strategy.

Just to backtrack a little, if you aren’t yet using releases as part of your marketing mix, you can learn more about creating and submitting a press release here.

When you distribute a press release, you want it to get the broadest coverage possible and to make it easy for journalists, bloggers and other publishers to build an article from. Often they won’t want to use the entire release, just parts of it – sometimes as just a component of an article on a related topic.

I’ve noticed that some companies distribute press releases in PDF format. There’s nothing wrong with that in itself; unless you prevent recipients from copying directly from the PDF. Writers are usually busy people, so by making them rewrite the release or preventing them from easily taking excerpts from a PDF document, you lessen your chances of them using it. If you convert your releases to PDF before distribution, ensure that copy protect is disabled.

It also doesn’t hurt to include in the PDF a link to a HTML version on your web site – ensure the your web site copy is live *well before* alerting others; this can give search engines time to pick up on your copy first and helps to identify your version as the “original”. Don’t forget to include live links in press releases, not only to assist people who read it on other sites to find their way to your site, but to also create further backlinks to your site.

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