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Press release emails – keep them lean

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday April 5, 2011 )

Everyone wants their press release noticed by publishers and sometimes it will be – for the wrong reasons – and as such, won’t be published.

I was checking my email today, awaiting a couple of important communications when something big started coming down the line. I hate that – email protocols were not designed for large attachments.

Some minutes later, the message finally pushed through and it wasn’t what I was waiting on – it was a press release. Total size, 5 megabytes. The release itself was only a few kilobytes, the rest taken up by a couple of high resolution images.

Fuming, but determined to remain polite, I emailed the offending party and explained to the person why it wasn’t such a good idea to send such large emails. Her response was that some journalists request high resolution images.

Point 1 – Some.

Point 2 – You don’t have to include the images in the email; offer a link to them for those who want them.

Point 3 – Take into consideration point 1 and 2 and everyone’s a winner

As this was obviously going to be a recurring issue, I requested to be removed from their notification list. A 5 megabyte message today could be a 10 megabyte one tomorrow.

It’s more the other party’s loss than mine. The site I work with that the incident related to is one of the largest and most popular in its category, with a subscriber list of tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of visitors a month. Coverage on this site has been known to do great things for some companies, including boosting their share prices… and all I wanted was a little common sense applied by the other party.

Press releases can be a great way to gain valuable coverage for next to nothing – if it’s done right. While I noticed this press release (I didn’t have much choice), I couldn’t even tell you what it was about as I was totally distracted by its arrival clogging up the “tubes”.

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