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Pinterest Pushing Traffic

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday February 8, 2012 )

Pinterest is increasingly looking like a social network the online marketing crowd and merchants just can’t afford to ignore.

I wrote about Pinterest a few weeks ago, but since that time I haven’t had time to delve into it much more than I had by that point.

I better make time.

According to figures from Shareaholic, developers of a content sharing plugin for browsers, Pinterest is driving more referral traffic than Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube combined.

Shareaholic’s figures are based on aggregated data from more than 200,000 publishers that combined reach more than 260 million unique monthly visitors each month.

Shareaholic says Pinterest jumped from 2.5% of referral traffic in December to 3.6% in January. Impressive in itself, even more so when you consider Pinterest was sitting at just .17% of referral traffic back in July last year.

A recent post on TechCrunch refers to Pinterest as a “community built on individuals acting in their own self-interest to capture and collect things that interest them.”



Stuff is often purchased. A more cynical fellow than myself might even go so far to say that it was about rampant consumerism. Hang on, I am that guy.

But seriously, while it does get a little deeper than that; Pinterest users don’t just show what they have or want, but where to get it from.

The concept is obviously working – this Google Trends graph tells the story; showing traffic above the 1 million visit mark since mid-October 2011, most of that growth occurring from August/September.

While Pinterest’s user base is predominantly from the USA and Canada, no doubt the rest of the English speaking world will catch on soon.

It’s always amazing to watch what appear to be simple concepts that haven’t been promoted to the ‘nth degree by the company that created them really take off; i.e.; word of mouth and buzz drives growth rather than big bucks thrown at getting the message out.

Good luck to them.

Time to get pinning.


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