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Pay With A Tweet

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Friday February 17, 2012 )

Instead of giving away white papers, ebooks and such; consider getting folks to pay – not with cash, but with a tweet on Twitter or post on Facebook.

Getting people to mention you on Twitter or on Facebook can be quite a challenge. A reward can really help, but then it can become like a paid review, which can cause headaches, potentially legal ones.

But if the reward is exactly what the person wants and what you want the person to post or tweet about; for example a white paper or free ebook, then everyone wins and it’s all above board.

Pay With A Tweet has been around for nearly two years it seems, but the first I heard of it was today.

It’s a free social payment system developed by Innovative Thunder where people “pay with the value of their social network.”

Pay With A Tweet looks very simple to set up – assuming you have your landing page and freebie file ready to go, it only takes a minute to generate a “buy now” type button via the Pay For A Tweet site.

You enter your basic details, the landing page URL and the the URL of the download, plus the text of the tweet. Just like Paypal’s button wizard, code for paying with a tweet (or facebook post) button is then generated. They even offer a QR code for use in the “real world”.

But what if you also want to grab the person’s contact details to export to your email marketing software like you usually would when offering a free white paper or other content?

I think the easiest way to go about it is to have your usual mailing list form on your landing page and post the button on the “success” page – so basically, a 2-step process, but very quick. No doubt there’s more elegant ways of doing this if you’re code-savvy.

What if someone doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, or simply doesn’t want to post about it? Well, the option is yours of course to perhaps have a smaller link beneath the “pay” button allowing those people access; but consider gearing this promotion specifically for Twitter and Facebook users – basically just like an offer to a specific club.

Aside from the direct traffic benefit, bear in mind links shared through Twitter and Facebook can also have a positive impact on your search engine rankings; particularly if those linking to you have some social clout.

I think Pay With A Tweet is a really smart idea and look forward to using it when the opportunity arises.


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