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The big pay per click spenders

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday August 4, 2010 )

If staying on top of a pay per click budget of a few thousand dollars a month is daunting enough, imagine managing a $5 million a month pay per click budget.

Internet Retailer’s newly released Search Marketing Guide quotes data from Conductor Inc., who studied over 2 million keywords and paid ad positions to estimate monthly pay-per-click spending.

Here’s some of the heavyweights:

Target Corp.- $5.06 million a month
Amazon – $4.76 million.
Dell – $2.22 million Inc. -$1.64 million
Sears – $1.15 million

Internet Retailer says with the big guys spending more on more terms, it’s becoming harder for smaller online merchants to secure high-traffic and category-specific keywords for an extended period of time.

Paid search also makes up the majority of marketing budgets across all types of big retailers – anywhere between 34 and 44%.

I guess it’s a good thing that many of the big guys still haven’t got the hang of SEO for organic results.. yet. However, it’s becoming increasingly common for companies with deep pockets to seek out good freelance SEO practitioners and pay them good bucks to work on that side of things. I know of one guy who was half-jokingly offered a tidy sum by a company to do nothing – the only catch was he just wouldn’t be permitted to go and work for any competitor in a particular niche.

It’s a sign of things to come, so smaller online merchants would be wise to work extra hard to establish good rankings while they can.


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