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Outlook for email marketing?

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Monday June 30, 2008 )

I was very surprised to read the results of a recent survey as to how many businesses are still using desktop email clients to run their marketing campaigns.

According to email marketing company Newsweaver and The Marketing Institute of Ireland, 50.3% of small businesses are currently using desktop clients such as Outlook instead of purpose-built email-marketing systems, to run their email marketing campaigns and most marketers are not tracking their email performance.

Outlook really doesn’t cut it for anything but the smallest of lists and even then, doesn’t provide crucial information such as open, unsubscribe and clickthrough rates and personalization of emails is at best labor intensive.

Using a desktop client is very much like trying to work in the dark; there’s really no way to measure the effectiveness of a campaign and so many tasks are automated with dedicated email marketing software, any outlay on a package can quickly be recouped through time savings.

I’m not sure if this is an Irish phenomenon or if it’s widespread, but if you’re one of the poor souls tussling with Outlook to manage your campaigns, take a look at some of these email marketing services and software – you’ll save time, frustration and improve your bottom line.


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