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Opt-in email delivery destinations

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday March 8, 2006 )

A report on email address usage yesterday states that 30 % of U.S. internet users have a single email account, 37% have two, 19% have three and 13 % have four or more email addresses. A very interesting result in the report was the number of people using services such as Hotmail or Yahoo mail for receiving opt-in emails

The Lyris Technologies poll results were based on a rather small segment – only 126 respondents, but if it is generally indicative of the wider online population, then staying in good with the big players in WebMail is quite important.

I must admit it’s rather hard to love AOL at the moment though with their new GreedMail, dang, I got that wrong again, I mean Goodmail, alliance :).

Anyway, I’ve already written a couple of posts on that issue, back to the results..

In relation to opt-in commercial email, here’s where it ends up:

26% – Yahoo addresses
21% – Hotmail addresses
13% – AOL addresses.
8% – Work email accounts

Hmm.. methinks AOL knew these figures quite well before launching their “pay for play” certified email services ;).

With 60% of opt-in emails being delivered to only 3 ISP’s, that gives them a great deal of power. Still, it’s a delicate balance – if too much email is blocked by the big players, users will go elsewhere; but it’s also unlikely a user will complain to an ISP about not receiving a new free newsletter – they’ll just assume that the fault lies with the sender. Given that, it’s important to ensure that your email communications are structure so as to not get caught up in their filters.

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