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Email open rates steady, click rates down

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Saturday September 11, 2010 )

The Q2 2010 North America Email Trends and Benchmarks Results show steady email open rates, but a decline in clickthroughs.

Produced by Epsilon and the Email Experience Council, the analysis draws from information based on 5.6 billion emails sent by Epsilon in April, May and June this year.

According to the report, open rates remain steady at 22.1%. Just 2 years ago, open rates were only 18.0%

However, the average click rate came in at 5.3%, down from the same time last year.

Some other figures point to why – the average volume per client increased 10.5% from Q2 2009 (60.9% of emails studied were categorized as marketing messages). Marketers are sending more emails, more often; meaning the consumer has more to wade through. While open rates remain solid, it seems that the content of emails leaves a little to be desired.

I think retailers really have to revamp their email marketing to include more interesting content rather than just a sales message. Sure, it can distract, but once a reader clicks through to an information based piece and is on a site, it’s another opportunity to grab their attention and a step closer to the checkout.

I still see a tendency for retailers to rely on images in emails too. It’s not such a good practice when so many people have images blocked by default. When they open these image-heavy emails, the text that is available (if any) may not be compelling enough to either get them to unblock the images or head out to a site via a text link.

Little retailers aren’t just the ones relying on images, I still the big players doing the same.

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