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Pushing offline to online

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Friday March 23, 2007 )

A recent survey indicates that one of the greatest spurs for people to search online for a product or service is advertising they’ve seen offline. The survey report reminded me of how one of my small business clients used print very effectively to lead people to their web site.

The survey carried out by BigResearch shows that the number of respondents who were triggered to perform a an online search after viewing:

– advertisements in magazines = 47.2%
– newspapers = 42.3%
– TV = 42.8%

One of my clients used to spend a substantial amount on advertising in print. After we developed a site for them, they found that they could save a stack of cash on print ads, simply by mentioning the site.

They didn’t cut down the amount of advertising; just the size of the ads – but they ensured their domain name was in larger print than most of their ad copy; even larger than their phone number. The result was greatly increased sales as the site we developed was well geared to convert browsers into buyers.

With the web being so much a part of people’s lives these days and many people researching potential purchases after business hours; it makes sense to ensure your site address is prominent in any print advertising you do. There’s only so much information you can squeeze into a print ad without spending a fortune – so really push people to your site where they can learn more about your business, products and services instead of relying on the offline ad to do most of the work.

Quick tip – when mentioning your site URL in a print ad; leave out the http:// – there’s really no need and with that removed, you can probably make the font size bigger :).

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