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Do Not Reply Marketing Emails

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Monday December 19, 2011 )

If you’re going to send marketing emails, it’s probably not a good idea to send them from a “do not reply” address. That’s just rude.

Yes, we’d all like our customers and potential customers to click a link or observe whatever special process to contact us in order to make life easier for customer service reps or for tracking campaign success.

The reality is when you’re asking folks to part with their cash and unless it’s a super-duper absolutely-crazy-price special; the customer is pretty much in the driver’s seat. If in their mind it’s easier to make a pre-sales enquiry by responding to the email we’ve sent them, then we need to let them do so.

I received (yet another) Xmas sale email today and aside from the donotreply@ address, at the bottom of the email was this:

“Please do not reply to this email as it is not monitored.”

People *will* reply to that email; I can guarantee that – so this merchant is probably losing sales; particularly if the donotreply@ address doesn’t have a bounce message.

Even if a bounce message is returned, people might get a little miffed by receiving such a communication.

They may not even get that far as the donotreply@ they *may* see when attempting to reply would be the equivalent of saying “you’re not really all that important to us” to some people and could be a dealbreaker in itself.

Yes, getting a truckload of “out of office” automated replies after a mailout is a pain in the butt, but by using message rules to help filter that stuff out, there will be some ponies revealed from among the crap.

As much as I really hate the inevitable slew of “out of office” type autoresponses after a mailout, I take a deep breath and just tell myself it’s karma. Marketers tend to hammer people with communications, so just consider it a little bit of revenge and part of doing business in an online world.


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