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Newspaper site power user profile

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday June 20, 2006 )

According a recent consumer study, 82% of Internet users who visit newspaper sites each day also purchase products online – opposed to 55% of infrequent visitors.

The daily visitor also spends on average 19 hours online each week compared to 9 hours for the infrequent visitor.

Other key points from the study – the term “power user” refers to users visiting newspaper sites daily:

– 91% of power users recently shopped online and 89% made a recent online purchase

– 70% of power users pay bills online compared to 28% of non-power users

– 65% of power users have broadband at home and work compared with 50% of non-users having broadband at home and 29% at work.

– Power users are likely to be younger – mean age is 39

– Power users are have average incomes that are around 12% higher

– Power users love coupons – 43% vs. 14%

– 52 percent of power users have college degrees, vs. 35% of non-users.

So; if you want to feel richer, smarter, younger and more technologically sophisticated, visit a newspaper site daily.

But I guess what the sponsors of the study, the Newspaper Association of America, are really saying is that advertising on newspaper sites is a really, really, *really* good idea. In fact, I don’t think they could have made the goal of their survey report any plainer, short of having a headline of “If you don’t buy newspaper site ad space, you’re a moron!” :).

Read more of the Newspaper Site Power User report findings.


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