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Motivating affiliates – quick tip

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Saturday March 17, 2007 )

In any affiliate program, it’s the minority of publishers who generate the majority of sales. Even so, there’s a simple strategy that affiliate managers can implement to boost the minority somewhat and get that minority generating even more sales.

I mentioned in my post on sleeper affiliate programs, written from an affiliate’s perspective, that sometimes a publisher may not be aware they are earning commissions from an arrangement. If they aren’t aware, then their association with the merchant may be easily forgotten.

As stated in that post, on reviewing the programs I’m involved with, I discovered a merchant I was promoting was starting to show a return for my efforts after a long comission-dry spell. I didn’t know because I wasn’t receiving commission notices. After I discovered this, I boosted promotion and started generating even more revenue.

… and there you have it – simply by letting affiliates know when they have generated a sale encourages them to boost promotion and take a greater interest in refining their marketing of your products and services :). If your affiliate software isn’t capable of per sale notifications, even a monthly statement is good.

If an affiliate has referred a purchase, then they are the sorts of publishers you certainly want to encourage as in any given program, the majority of affiliates will never generate a single sale.

Newsletters are also a good way of keeping in touch, but there’s nothing that spurs a good affiliate on like the email subject line of:

commission notification!

.. brr, sends pleasant shivers down my spine just typing it ;).

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