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Tip for motivating affiliates

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Sunday January 14, 2007 )

You have a top-notch affiliate program offering high commissions on a solid product; a great site full of interesting and useful content; yet affiliates seem hesitant in promoting your goods or services. What could be the problem? Here’s a quick tip.

When seasoned affiliates, the ones who will generate most sales, are putting the time into marketing your company, they want to be assured that not only will they receive the commissions from sale referrals; but also they’ll need to have a degree of flexibility in how they promote your company – including the page on your site that they’ll send their traffic to.

Affiliates will often use snippets from articles on your site to help promote your products and services. They may even base full original articles loosely on articles that you have published. In that scenario, they’ll want to link directly to a page that’s directly relevant to the topic material they have covered on their site – relevancy equals increased conversion.

If you’re only offering affiliate links that direct to your home page or selected pages you feel are most relevant; you may be unconsciously stymieing the attempts of seasoned affiliates in generating the best possible conversion rates.

Wherever possible, adapt your affiliate software to generate plain text links that allow affiliates to select any page on your site as the landing page they’ll send traffic to. Be sure to promote this feature as it will help attract more of the right affiliates. It will also help motivate your current affiliate publisher partners to write more on topics related to your offers.

Experienced affiliates and publishers understand their own audience better than the merchant; i.e., the types of things that the traffic they send to a merchant’s site will be looking for. Each publisher’s audience is a little different, so it’s important that your affiliate program is as flexible as possible, permitting publishers the scope to experiment, tweak and refine how they promote your services.

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