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Mobile Email Opens Skyrocket

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday February 20, 2013 )

The rise of the mobile device has been accompanied by a huge increase in the amount of email opened on handheld devices.

Commercial emails opened on mobile devices is expected to surpass 50 percent in the next six to 12 months according to the “Knotice Mobile Email Opens Report: 2nd Half 2012″; and in some sectors the “mobile tipping point” may have already occurred.

At this stage, around 41 percent of all commercial emails are opened on mobile devices, up nearly 50% from a 27 percent mobile email open rate a year ago.

Findings in the report are based on a sampling of 500 million emails sent across 11 industry segments.

Here’s how the numbers stacked up in Q3/Q4 2012


iPhone – 21.53%
Android – 6.00%
BlackBerry – 0.02 %
Palm – 0.02 %
Windows – 0.09%
Other – 1.32%


iPad – 11.46%
Android – 0.56%
Other – 0.08%

Desktop – 58.92%

Apple continues to rule the roost in both phone and tablet opens, with the iPhone accounting for 74.82% and the iPad, 94.64%.

This is a really important development online merchants need to act on. Most of us are used to testing a send against different services and clients such as Outlook, Gmail and Hotmail; but I’d be the first to admit I usually forget to test how a mailout appears on an iPhone or other handheld device.

It’s not as though we get a second shot at it either; i.e. if an email looks crappy on a mobile device, the target won’t bother trying to view it when they are at their workstation or home computer. According to Knotice, just 0.07 percent of emails were opened again on multiple devices.

You can read the full “Knotice Mobile Email Opens Report: 2nd Half 2012″ here (PDF).


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