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MLM giant comes out swinging

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday October 17, 2007 )

Quixtar Inc., a sister company of Amway Corp., has filed suits against 30 people who anonymously posted in forums and on YouTube what it alleges are disparaging remarks about the company.

According to the lawsuit, Quixtar states the videos and posts are part of an organized campaign by former distributors who failed in an attempt to sue Alticor (parent company of Amway, Quixtar, and Access Business Group). Those distributors were under a court order not to disparage the company or disclose proprietary information.

It was very odd (but a total coincidence) reading this news given that on the same day it was published, I received a rather aggressive and immature note from a self-described “highly successful networker” who has been involved with MLM (multi-level marketing aka network marketing) for many years.

It seems he didn’t an article I wrote on MLM and network marketing a few years ago and testily threw down a challenge for me to call him so that he could set me straight. In the email was this rather childish attempt at coercion:

“If I don’t hear from you, I will know you intentionally wish to deceive people.”

Nice, huh? Yet in the same note he said:

“99% of MLM companies have inadequate comp plans, I’ll admit that”

.. and he wonders why I’m not into MLM and I’m very suspicious of it? 99% is a high figure in anyone’s books and if the tone he used in his email, which by the way was his first communication with me, is indicative of how some of the “power” MLM’ers choose to try and change opinions of folks like me; it certainly speaks volumes and does nothing to help buff away the tarnish the industry has.

Had he been a little more professional, he may have piqued my interest and I certainly would have had more of an open mind – and here’s the thing; I do still look at MLM/network marketing programs occasionally hoping to find something different.

Quixtar should keep in mind that they probably aren’t helping their company any in their legal pursuit of these people. Perhaps they could take a lesson from Dell, who wore a truckload of bad press and instead of bringing in the lawyers, they listened to what was being said and turned things around. Anyway, I’m stating that not knowing the full story behind Quixtar’s gripe or having seen the videos; but the company certainly appears to have angered a lot of people over the years.

If any MLM fans want to want to comment on my article on network marketing; please feel free to. I’m always open to *constructive* feedback and reconsidering my views – but remember, honey is often more effective than vinegar.. ’tis with me anyway ;).


1 comment for MLM giant comes out swinging
  1. Having had some experience of MLM
    the problem I see is that the comp math does not model well.

    Personally I do not like MLM, and find much of it to be dishonest in it’s claims of success for recruits. Real bandwagon stuff.
    In early, out early, take the top off it and run, seems to be the way it works.

    Comment by Ern — October 18, 2007 @ 2:33 am

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