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adCenter search marketing tools

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday June 27, 2006 )

Have you checked out Microsoft’s Adcenter Labs as yet? It contains an collection of interesting demonstration tools. I repeat, *demonstration* :).

The Search Funnel application allows you to enter a keyword or key phrase and then see how people refine their searches after entering that term, or had previously refined their searches to arrive at that key phrase.

The Forecasting Search Volume Seasonality tool helps to predict the monthly patterns of search query activity; somewhat similar to Google Trends

The Content Categorization Engine is where you can enter a url and have a list of categories related to the page displayed.

The Demographics Prediction tool is a fun one. It supposedly predicts the profile (age and gender) of a typical visitor based on a URL or set of keywords.

The Local Ads by PC Address tool didn’t work for me as it couldn’t pick up my IP; but this feature is nothing really new – it’s just geotargeting

In the Detecting Online Commercial Intention application, you enter keywords or a URL to determine the intent of the searcher or the page – whether it’s more related to information or a commercial transaction.

The Keyword Mutation Detection produces common misspellings or different spellings of the keyword you enter.

.. there’s a few others out there and half a dozen more labeled “coming soon”.

A word of advice – do not base your search marketing or content development strategy on the results of these tools; they are still very much in development. The “full” versions are not available if you have an adCenter account either.

The demos are simply an interesting glimpse into the types of tools that will soon be available via adCenter to assist marketers in spending their search marketing budgets :)

Visit adCenter Labs.

Learn more about Microsoft adCenter


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