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Merry Xmas emails

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Thursday December 20, 2007 )

Ah, they’ve started flooding in – the Merry Xmas emails from all and sundry – including merchants whom I don’t remember and have shown no interest in me throughout the previous eleven months :).

Maybe I’m being a fuddy-duddy here, but receiving an email that has “Merry Xmas” or “Xmas wishes” in the subject line and on opening the communication it turns out to just be a big sales pitch is a bit of a turn off. If Scrooge were transported into the 21st century, I’m sure he would have gone postal by now.

It’s one thing to get promo blurbs that are clear in their intention about a sale or whatever in the subject line; but am I alone in thinking that the “best wishes” strategy is a little bit in poor taste? Personally, I’d think more of a merchant who sent me a nice note with nothing else except a message reflecting the true spirit of the season.

.. but perhaps the true spirit of the season has changed.

Another point that merchants should consider is Xmas can be a horrible time of the year for many folks and they don’t need any more reminders than what assails them from elsewhere.

We’re now approaching that time of the season where people have shopped til they’ve dropped and have just about had enough of the whole deal. If you still want to scoop up some last minute bucks, a separate promotional email may be a better idea rather than the Xmas wishes bait and switch.

Instead of “Merry Xmas”; a subject line of “Thank you and best wishes” may also be more appropriate.. and without the “buy” blurb if you are wanting to leave your customers and subscribers with an extra warm and fuzzy feeling about you.

No-strings gifts work too :). Give and ye shall receive as the old saying goes!


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