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Guys and the Internet

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday October 21, 2008 )

A survey of over five hundred males aged 18‐34 who access the Internet at least once per month has found that 69% say they can’t live without the Internet.

Only 69%?? I’m amazed!

.. but only 31% say they can’t live without television.

The results come from Break Media’s survey to help advertisers understand guys’ behavior online.

Other key findings:

– 36% stated they can’t live without the Internet for socializing

– Close to half of respondents have bought a product or service as a result of an online ad.

– Over a third of men in this age group actually like ads with a game or a contest. Go on, look me straight in the eye and tell me you’ve never punched the monkey :). Ahem, I said “punched” not.. ok, moving right along…

– 40% stated they pay more attention to ads with video

– 40% use the Internet for more than 22 hours a week

– 25% have used a mobile phone or wireless device to access the Internet

– When it comes to romance and the online world, 79% would still rather meet a woman out on the town than online

Top activities:

Visiting social networking sites (63%)
Playing video games (60%)
Playing computer games (51%)
Forwarding links to online video (31%)
Reading blogs (31%)
Shopping (30%)
Commenting on online content (28%)
Uploading photos to the Web (23%)

The full survey findings give additional insight into the general mindset and best practices when it comes to targeting this demographic. The full report can be downloaded here (PDF)


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