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Will The Real Matt Cutts Please Stand Up

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday December 13, 2011 )

If you’ve been tinkering with SEO for any length of time, you’ve likely heard of Matt Cutts.

In case you aren’t aware of him, he’s part of Google’s Search Quality group and often communicates with the webmaster community.

While he has his own site, Matt also drops in on other blogs from time to time to clarify issues and debates.

Sometimes his answers generate more questions as he can’t/won’t/whatever give too much info in case it reveals too many of the ingredients of Google’s special sauce – its ranking algo.

Heck, I think Google’s algorithm is now so complex nobody really knows it any more, including Googlers. I believe it became self-aware last year and Googlers are now controlled by it rather than the other way around :).

Anyhow, Matt seems like a reasonable sort of guy and his participation in conversations is appreciated by many given his important role at Google.

Over the last couple of weeks though, I’ve seen a couple of comments from him that had me scratching my head. I suspected Mr. Cutts may have been in the downward spiral of a crystal meth addiction, or I had suddenly become very stupid in that I couldn’t understand why he would say such things.

As the latter was more likely, I really didn’t give those comments much more thought; just swore off eating directly from aluminum saucepans in future.

However, it turns out these comments were not from Matt but another party or other parties posing as him.

For people who hang on every word Matt says, fake comments can be quite offputting or even dangerous if they give advice or hint towards things that are actually contradictory to what Google recommends. Those new to SEO are more at risk.

So, if you see a comment from “Matt Cutts” that leaves you a little puzzled, let him know as he may clarify if it was indeed him that posted it.

Unfortunately, given the monkey-see, monkey-do nature of the bottom dwellers of the web and people’s penchant for cheap thrills, we may now see an uptick in these impersonator comments.

I think Mr. Cutts is better off to post comments on his own site and leave a link to the comment in the discussion thread he’s addressing. That way folks will know that it is Google According To Cutts – the real deal.

For bloggers covering the web marketing and SEO sector, while a comment from Matt might stir up a bit of excitement, due diligence is required – the origin of the comment should be investigated.


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