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Marketing via MySpace

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Thursday July 13, 2006 )

MySpace has eclipsed Yahoo as the most popular single site, accounting for just under 4.5 percent of all U.S. Internet visits during the first week of July, according to HitWise.

It’s been interesting watching the MySpace member counter tick over since the time I signed up a few months ago. It’s been like watching slot machine reels spinning at times. So, the big question: Have I found having a MySpace profile beneficial?

Well, it’s not by any means a silver bullet for my business as such, but one of the articles I wrote on MySpace profile trackers generated around 20,000 page views in just over a month – so from that aspect, exploring MySpace has been very good in allowing me to give this blog extra exposure to thousands of people who may not have ever visited it; and some of those people are in my target group. As I’ve said previously, MySpace isn’t just about teeny-boppers and twenty-somethings. People of all ages and from all walks of life now have MySpace profiles.

I have also noticed a bit more activity in some of the entertainment related sidelines I’m involved with that I can attribute directly to my MySpace profile.

I’ve met some very interesting (and sometimes scary) people through my MySpace forays; including a young entrepreneur who’s generated a lot of interest in his products through his own profile. He’s done very well because he really understands the whole MySpace culture. We were chatting about it the other night and it dawned on me that he’s facing the same issues that those of us who rely on search engines so greatly do; i.e. having few major sources of traffic and the associated dangers of that scenario.

If you’re doing well out of MySpace, treat it like a number 1 search engine ranking for a good keyword or phrase. Don’t expect it to last forever or count on it too heavily in your business planning – it’s a great web marketing tool, but should by no means be your only one.

Make hay while the sun shines by capturing those people who are funneled through to your site via MySpace – offer related resources that are regularly updated; a newsletter, a forum – all those sticky bits that keep people coming back; and grab their email addresses wherever you can. Something that’s guaranteed to pull traffic to your site is if you offer MySpace related tools and trinkets – layout generators, wallpapers etc. The important thing is don’t put all your gold on MySpace, put it on your site and use MySpace to point to those nuggets.

Use MySpace as your springboard rather than as your mainstay; because if Rupert Murdoch has a bad day, or one of the MySpace team takes exception to your profile for some reason – zzzzzt.. your dreams of financial freedom may well be dashed, your MySpace fame short lived, your site may become devoid of traffic and some of the valuable content you’ve created gone forever.

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