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2008 marketing mindset

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Monday December 3, 2007 )

A survey of close to 1700 senior marketers provides a snapshot of the marketing trends and focus in the year ahead.

The survey, carried out by Anderson Analytics, showed that 60% of senior marketers still felt the “basics” such as customer satisfaction and retention were still very important and 42% also considered Search Engine Optimization as having the same level of importance.

What was considered trendiest marketing buzzword? “Green marketing” – reflecting consumer interest in environmental issues related to goods and services they purchase.

China is viewed as The Next Big Thing in terms of regions with with India a distant second (20%). Other countries were hardly a blip on the new opportunity radar.

While on the topic of overseas related issues, the majority of marketers (77%) stated that their companies do not off-shore any part of their marketing activities and half of the marketers were in favor of this.

While most of the marketers surveyed were top-shelf/Fortune 500 types; I think there’s something for the little guys like us to learn from this. Utilizing offshore companies for marketing is risky – particularly if outsourcing the work to countries where English is a second language. Language issues aside, no matter how “westernized” another country may be – there are subtle but important cultural differences. The cheap link building and forum posting services for the most part are just not worth it and can cause you more harm than good.

As for target demographics, Baby Boomers ranked highest, followed by Generation X, Hispanics, Women and Generation Y respectively.

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Interesting to note that 7 Habits was published nearly 20 years ago – while technology is changing much of our world rapidly, some principles remain the same.


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