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More quick live chat tips

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Saturday October 6, 2007 )

As increasing numbers of online merchants are using live chat as a means of boosting sales and retaining customers, some really good tips are becoming available from those who have been using the technology for some time.

I was just reading this article on CNN and picked up a couple of interesting tips from merchants who have greatly improved their sales through using the medium:

a) The chat operator should use more natural/conversational language instead of formal and salesy. For example, instead of:

“Hello – my name is Fred. How may I help you”

use something like:

“Hi, Michael here, sorry to barge in… just wanted to check to see if you’ve been able find what you were looking for..”

b) Don’t launch into a sales pitch as soon as the person expresses interest in a product. Instead, delve into the customer’s needs by asking a question or two.

Both of these strategies are designed to create a more personal environment instead of one where the potential customer envisions the live chat operator as being a sales machine. A comfortable customer who feels your live chat operator has their interests at heart rather than being just viewed as another chat session to get through is more likely to purchase.

Some more great tips from other merchants can be found in my post on initiating live chat sessions, and I discuss some related issues in my article on IM and live chat etiquette.

Haven’t tried live chat on your site yet? Before you outlay the cash, give this free trial a whirl.


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