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Adding links & notes to video

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Saturday September 8, 2007 )

Video is becoming a powerful tool in marketing – if you’re looking to add a little zing to your videos, or anyone else’s for that matter, such as links and notes; take a peek at this free service.

Asterpix enables users to easily create what they term “hypervideos” and share them with others; by either embedding them on their sites and in blogs or via email. Hypervideo adds an interactive element by allowing viewers to select objects of interest to get more information or navigate the video.

Asterpix can be used on videos posted to any video sharing site; it doesn’t have to be your own video (but bear in mind copyright issues). Using the service, once the video is retrieved, you can select an object to create a hotspot; to which you can add a description, tags and links. Then it’s just a case of grabbing the code for the edited video and embedding it on your site; or sharing it with others via the Asterpix link provided – the video remains hosted by Asterpix.

Here’s an example – move your mouse over the blinking circles which appear in the video. Click on the objects and the on entries in the index on the slide-away pane on the left hand side of the player.

It’s pretty impressive stuff and I’m sure you can see the potential. For example, in relation to the above video, you could have a box that pops open and says “X is using a X brand surfboard; click here to learn more about X boards”. The fact you can apply these features to any video hosted on sites such as YouTube really broadens the potential, but as I mentioned copyright issues may be worthwhile looking into before you start “editing” videos posted by others :).

Check out Asterpix, sign up for a free account and give it a whirl!


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