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Link exchange scams

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Thursday October 14, 2010 )

Time for another warning about link exchange scams. I was reminded after a run of particularly silly solicitations I’ve received, all using the same sort of approach.

Here’s how it read:


My name is X from Y.

I am the SEO and marketing manager over here.

As you probably know, having backlinks from related sites helps increase your rankings in Google.

Well, I was just doing a search on for “X” and your site popped up! This is you, right?

Well, check it out…

Since we both target a similar audience, Google will give us BOTH extra love if we each place a simple link to one another.

Not a lot of work and plenty of benefit to both of us.

I know you probably get requests like this all the time, I know I sure do. So, to stand out, I went above and beyond by setting up a customized page telling my site visitors about your great site! :-)

Check it out right here:


I think I’ve ALREADY sent you a few visitors! And, that’s just the start!

If you feel like returning the favor, simply pass this message on to your web master and ask them place a friendly link from your homepage pointing to my site (x).

Tell them to use link text that includes the keywords, “x y”. That’s it! Not much to it.

If you can’t do it for some reason, I totally understand. And, don’t worry, I’ll keep checking back over the next few days and if you can’t reciprocate, I’ll simply remove the above page in a few days time.

But, if you DO link to me, please let me know by emailing me a quick note to X so I know to keep the above page up permanently! :-)

Thanks in advance and I really hope we can do this one simple little thing to help each other gain more visibility on Google! So much competition out there nowadays, we really need to stick together and help each other out as much as we can.


For starters, this person was wanting a link from a high ranking site of mine to their non-ranking low traffic site that was slapped together for the purposes of referring traffic on to another site under an affiliate arrangement. Secondly, the only traffic they had sent was themselves.

People like this work on the shotgun principle – that if they send enough solicitations out, they’ll score at least a couple of links from unsuspecting site owners.

Be really wary of such requests – do your due diligence, make sure it’s a relevant and fair trade and remember that linking to bad neighborhoods can do you more harm than good. On a related note, approaches such as the one above often come from companies offering link exchange services – so be cautious if considering utilizing such a service.


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