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Link exchange reply

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Thursday June 28, 2007 )

Getting sick of non-relevant, poorly worded, demanding or persistent link exchange requests? Send the requester to this post:

Dear Link Exchange Requester,

Yes, I agree, I do have a good site. I hear that a lot in link exchange requests. Funny that.

I have sent you to this page for one/some/all of the following reasons in the hope of teaching you a few points about requesting link exchanges. Take this as a learning experience so you may be more successful in the future. I won’t even charge you my usual consultancy fee. It’s a gift to you from me.

a) Your link request showed little care and the spelling and/or grammar was awful. If a link from my site is so important to you; why didn’t you show a bit of pride in your communication to me?

b) I can tell that you are not the site owner or even a staffer of the company you wish me to link to. If the site you represent really wants me to link to them, ask the owner to contact me.

c) You didn’t visit my site at all, you used an automated software application to get my details, PageRank and to crank out this note; which is fine, but I really dislike liars.

d) Your site is totally non-relevant to mine, would be of no interest to my readers and I’m really annoyed you wasted my time in trying to tell me otherwise.

e) Link exchanges don’t necessarily boost search engine ranking and the quality of your site is such that it definitely wouldn’t boost mine; therefore there’s no benefit to me or my visitors in doing so.

f) You’re offering me 3 links from 3 splogs in exchange for one link from my site that I’ve worked on for years? Good deal!.. not.

g) Google *can* detect 3 way link exchanges – you’re behind the times.

h) You need to learn some manners, I owe you nothing. I don’t even know you and we’ve never communicated before.

i) I only have 48 hours to put your link up otherwise you’ll take the link to me you’ve published down? Oh my, I’m shaking in my booties – see point h).

j) My site isn’t even listed on the page you mention – if you’re going to use automated software for link exchange requests, at least configure it properly.

k) You’re an overworked and underpaid contractor and I truly feel for you; but tell your link sweatshop boss to ram his job. There’s good companies to work for in the online world, seek them out.

l) I’m out of coffee, it’s 5am in the morning, I’ve had 3 hours sleep and I’m just lashing out at time burglars.

In conclusion dear Link Exchange Requester, as you may have already realized, I’m politely declining your request for one/some/all of the above reasons.

If you’re an agency carrying out this campaign on behalf of another company and you email me again with yet another request; I’ll contact the owner of the company you’re representing and show them how and why their money is being wasted. I’m sure they’ll be asking your service for a refund.


A. Webmaster

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