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Link Building In A Brave New World

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Friday August 3, 2012 )

Link building isn’t dead – it’s just very different now – and in some ways, easier.

The Google Penguin algorithmic tweak saw some sites with a bunch of similar keyword-rich “money” terms as anchor text on inbound links experience a pummeling.

So in the new world of Penguin, how should you build links?

The emphasis remains on quality/relevancy over quantity, but anchor text can be a thorny issue. The best post I’ve see to date so far on this is on Search Engine Journal. It doesn’t mess around regarding what you need to do – and the advice is clear and simple.

Jayson DeMers (founder & CEO of AudienceBloom, a Seattle-based SEO agency) identifies the following types of links as “safe”:

Naked URLs: a variation of the actual URL of the link destination

Brand Anchors : the name of your site – bad luck if you have a domain name like Taming The Beast ;)

Brand-keyword hybrid anchors : name of your site plus related keywords.

Universal/junk anchors : anchor text such as “click here”.

Jason’s advice doesn’t mean you can *never* use exact match anchor text using money terms – it just means you need to exercise care in how often you do so. Other types of anchor texts aren’t a problem either, assuming of course they have some level of relevancy.

If your domain name is a combination of popular keywords, lucky you; but I wonder if Google is now taking this into account and dampening it a little more so as to not give keyword domains too much of an advantage; particularly since Penguin.

Link trivia: it’s not uncommon for people to post links to your site without the necessary coding to make them a clickable link – don’t worry, Google still follows these – don’t let anyone convince you differently.


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