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To JV or not to JV?

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Thursday March 5, 2009 )

That is the question.. whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the unsubcribes and ignored communications from outrageous revenue potential claims made…

Shakespeare said something like that anyway.

JV stands for Joint Venture. Years ago the term had some legitimacy and impact as insider jargon, a phrase of movers and shakers, but as the MLM’ers and and authors/purveyors of junky information products increasingly used it, it’s become somewhat scorned.

In fact, by using the term in a canvassing email subject line, it’s likely to be ignored by many who you really want to reach; appealing mostly to those trying to sell junky information products (and usually with little success).

If you have an affiliate program or some type of partnership offer, call it that. Simple subject lines such as:

re: partnership offer
re: partnership inquiry
re: affiliate program offer
re: partner program offer
re: partner inquiry

… will work. Many of your targets will open the email unless they are so incredibly busy or successful already, no matter what you’re offering isn’t of any interest to them.

“Joint Venture offer” or “JV offer” as a subject line tends to reek of newbieness.

However, getting your targets to open the email is only the first part of the battle – you literally have only a few seconds to grab their attention; so forget about lengthy spiels; save that for the landing page. Pick up some tips on partnership approaches in my article on successful partner canvassing.


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