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July search engine rankings

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday August 18, 2010 )

Comscore have posted their search engine market share statistics for July – but with a bit of a difference this time around.

According to various reports around the web, some of the search engines have been attempting to “game” Comscore by, for example, by generating non-traditional searches through the way photo galleries are viewed; with each view of a new slide by a single user counting as a “search”.

Why “game” Comscore? From what I understand it’s all about bragging rights and pleasing investors – increase your market share and shareholders are happy, which reflects on your stock value.

Anyhoo, Comscore is now noting a couple of different metrics:

Explicit Core Search – this does not include contextually driven searches that do not reflect specific user intent to interact with the search results. According to an FAQ on the issue on Search Engine Land, “explicit Core Search requires user engagement with a search service with the intent to retrieve search results.”

Total Core Search – includes partner searches, cross-channel searches and contextual searches performed on the core domain of the five main search engines.

OK, that said, here are the Explicit Core Search market share stats for July:

Google – 65.8%
Yahoo! – 17.1%
Microsoft – 11.0%
Ask Network – 3.8%
AOL LLC Network – 2.3%

The only real movement this month was Google losing .4% to Yahoo! You can read the full report here

BTW, I hear on the grapevine Yahoo and Microsoft are starting to make the transition to Bing-powered search results on Yahoo this week – and based on the above, once that is fully rolled out, Bing will effectively have 28% market share – so it’s certainly worth chasing top spots on Bing.

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