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Reducing anxiety, increase profits

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Monday February 26, 2007 )

I’ve often harped on the issue of reassuring your site visitors and its relation to improving conversions and profits, but have never really had any decent before and after figures to underline this point – how simple changes can make so much difference to sales

Marketing Experiments, one of my favorite case study resources has just released some research on how effective a few relatively inexpensive tweaks to site design can be in their report, Site Design: 8 Ways to Reduce Customer Anxiety.

In one example, changes to color, layout, copy pitch, and other visual element edits of a site translated to a projected annual online sales increase of over $360k, without the owners having to spend an extra cent on their marketing budget.

In another example, optimization of reassurance elements such as testimonials, third party quality seals, changes to language and tone and other personalization factors saw a 70.5% conversion increase.

It really is amazing what can be achieved through changing a shotgun, or leaky bucket, approach into a very targeted effort; simply by making your potential customers feel safe. It’s often just a case of making the most of what you already have.

Read the Marketing Experiments report and also check out my article on reassuring site visitors for tips on increasing sales in your online business.


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