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Getting in “the zone”

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Thursday April 3, 2008 )

“The Zone” as referred to by developers is a place in space and time when they are most productive. For most people, getting to that place isn’t like flicking a light switch and given the required lead up to getting in The Zone; some onlookers might think they are wasting time.

This might be just a myth but I remember an interesting related story about getting in the zone. A visitor to a sculptor’s studio would find the sculptor staring at a block of marble.. all day, every day – for months. After a while the visitor arrived at the conclusion the sculptor was lazy, a dreamer and would never achieve anything.

The sculptor was Michelangelo and the block of marble in question became the Statue of David.

For a lot of people, getting in the zone doesn’t mean staring at the task before them – in fact, it can be a great demotivator. There needs to be a leadup and sometimes for a developer it will be something totally non-related such as playing an online game, or perhaps working on a different project.

.. but, there is a point where getting in the zone becomes procrastination – it’s a fine line :).

I’ve found the best ideas I’ve had in relation to marketing haven’t come from studying competitors in the same field; but totally different fields. In our given industries, we do tend to play follow the leader and everyone winds up doing the same thing – by stepping out and visiting a totally different genre of sites, new ideas can be gained.

Sometimes doing something totally off the wall and not even remotely connected to a given task can free up the ole noggin a little to sort through information already garnered and compile it into something useful.

So if you should find me reading Dilbert, punching a monkey (in a banner), or seemingly utterly engrossed with an ant that’s crawling along the floor; don’t hassle me about it – it means I’m working really hard; well, getting ready to anyway :).

What sorts of things do you do to get in the zone?


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