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Image blocking in email

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Friday June 13, 2008 )

How often do you think images in marketing emails are automatically blocked? 10% of the time? 20%? More? In fact, it appears to be much more.

According to a recent survey by the Email Experience Council, who are the email marketing side of the Direct Marketing Association, in excess of 50% of images in marketing emails are blocked by email clients and webmail services.

The survey of hundreds of retailers and marketers also found 23% of retailers crank out emails that are impossible to decipher when images are blocked. Only 63 percent used alt tags (textual representation of the image) adequately or extensively.

In addition to the image blocking issue, if you’re using image only emails, chances are you’ll get a higher spam score and the email won’t even be delivered. I ran a test on one the other day that scored incredibly highly on a filter just on this point.

You can read more of the EEC’s Retail Email Rendering Benchmark Study press release here.

While the use of images in email marketing can be a powerful tool for improving response rates, the practice is fraught with hazards that can make your campaigns totally bomb. Pick up some tips on working with images in emails.


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