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Help a reporter

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday September 9, 2008 )

Every online business owner likes to see their site mentioned in a big circulation newspaper and companion site as it can translate to a lot of traffic and substantial link love. So how can you get your site mentioned? Help a reporter.

That’s the name of the site – Help A Reporter.

Peter Shankman, owner of the service, says he had a lot of reporter friends who were always calling him for leads on sources of information; so he’s automated the process.

Reporters send him requests for sources on X subject and he forwards on the requests via the Help A Reporter service to his list. Peter states he sends out up to three emails a day, each with anywhere from 15-30 queries per note.

This is a free service and while the emails aren’t categorized, with that level of activity, it’s likely something will crop up in your field of expertise regularly. If you capture a journo’s interest, you’ll not only likely get your site mentioned in an article, but you may wind up on that reporter’s list as the “go to guy” for future articles on the same topic.

So jump on Peter’s Help A Reporter list (be sure to read the guidelines), but just bear in mind that journalists, and I mean real journalists, are unique critters – here’s some brief tips on dealing with them.


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