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Green and cause marketing

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday June 18, 2008 )

“The Green Marketing Study” from DoubleClick Performics found 60% of respondents thought it was extremely or very important that companies exercise good environmental stewardship.

The survey of 1,087 adults performed earlier this year also found that when selecting between similar products, 83% said they would be extremely or very likely to choose the environmentally friendly option.

Additionally, people are prepared to pay a premium for earth friendly goods and services – around 5% on top according to the survey report.

One of the great things about working an online business from home is that you’re already lightening your environmental footprint. Think of the work travel related fuel savings and associated emissions alone over a year! If you’re running a notebook instead of a desktop computer, you’re making inroads there too.

But are you telling visitors to your site about your green leanings and efforts? You should be – people generally react really well to merchants who do their bit for the environment. Going green can get you green – but be careful; don’t over-exaggerate your environmental endeavors. If you get caught out “greenwashing”, it will be worse than having done nothing in the first place.

Implementing an environmental program need not be complex. There’s so many ways you can green your online business even further without spending a bundle of cash – I outline some ideas in my Blog Action Day post from last October. You can also pick up a ton of tips on my other site

Somewhat related to green marketing is cause marketing. Cause marketing involves a partnership between and business and a non-profit group to benefit both parties. Again, potential customers seeing you assisting a non-profit, be it environmental or social justice related, can often score big brownie points and be just that little bit of an edge over your competitors. You can learn more about cause marketing here.


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