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New green ad network

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday January 3, 2007 )

If you’re a tree-hugging type of marketer, run an environmentally themed site or have a green or progressive principles based business, this new ad network and marketplace may be of interest to you.

Green Ad Planet, set to launch during February, will be servicing the rapidly growing LOHAS (LifeStyle of Health and Sustainability) advertising marketplace by bringing together both large and small socially responsible advertisers and publishers.

The network will offer a suite of fully supported powerful, easy to use tools to conduct transactions, implement campaigns and monitor performance; built on a solid platform that’s attracted plenty of positive attention throughout the online advertising industry.

Operating under a revenue share basis, publishers will be provided with their very own branded ad sales storefront and be listed on the Green Ad Planet site. Publishers will also be able to send advertisers directly to their branded storefront from their site or blog.

Advertisers visiting Green Ad Planet will shop from a list of sites/blogs for advertising opportunities on a specific site, or choose to run a campaign across multiple/all sites in the network.

Advertisers will be able to set up campaigns on a self serve basis and publishers have the option of approving or rejecting any particular advertiser or campaign. Publishers can also set minimum rates, ad space positions and offer CPM, CPC and sponsorship campaigns. There really is a great deal of flexibility and control at both ends of the spectrum.

I’m pretty excited about this new network because, well, aside from it being a much needed service in the LOHAS marketplace; I’m somewhat heavily involved with the project :).

So, having revealed my motivations for this post, I won’t hype the service any further – check out Green Ad Planet and if it’s of interest to you, sign up to register your interest and for pre-launch updates!


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