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Google extends PPA beta

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Saturday June 23, 2007 )

Around a year ago, Google AdSense/Adwords started testing their CPA (Cost Per Action) offering in a limited beta program for US advertisers and publishers, dubbed PPA (Pay per action). That beta is now being extended globally.

According to the Inside Adwords blog, the PPA option will be made available to advertisers running AdWords conversion tracking and who have a decent track record for conversions.

Eligible advertisers will see an alert in their account. Instead of paying for clicks, advertisers will be able to pay on a performance basis; i.e. a referred sale, confirmed lead or signup.

There’s usually bigger bucks involved for publishers for each successful action in these arrangements and it’s basically like a more traditional affiliate program offered by networks such as Commission Junction; who no doubt aren’t thrilled by Google’s forays into this space.

If Google experiences similar success with CPA/PPA as it has done with PPC, this may send some smaller CPA networks to the wall and really put the screws on the established larger networks.

I haven’t seen anything in my AdSense account about being able to participate as a publisher, but I came across this page on Google’s site for what they call AdSense Referrals (different to the referrals offers currently available to most publishers) where you can register your interest in the beta publisher program. Is anyone currently participating? I’d love to hear about your experiences with it.


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