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Google’s +1 button launched for websites

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Thursday June 2, 2011 )

Google’s answer to Facebook’s “like” button has been released for web sites, called the +1 button – and it’s probably an important one to add to your site.

As with the Facebook like button, the +1 feature is very simple to add – a couple of lines of code; one just above the closing body tag and the other where you want it to appear. Here’s how it looks:

Other sizes are available and the +1 button code generator can be found here.

So why is it important to add this button? It’s going to be a ranking signal and may encourage Google to more frequently crawl pages it appears on.

According to the +1 button FAQ:

“For +1’s, as with any new ranking signal, we’ll be starting carefully and learning how those signals affect search quality.”


“Once you add the button, Google may crawl or recrawl the page, and store the page title and other content, in response to a +1 button impression or click.”

The +1 button will display for signed-in users of for the time being. If a user clicks the button, Google says the search result snippet for that page may be annotated in search results. If none of a user’s connections has +1’d a page, the snippet may just display the total number of +1 votes the page has accumulated.

Some are referring to the button as the new Google PageRank; though how important it will be only time will tell. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to start racking up some +1’s now given it is so easy to implement.


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