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Add ‘Posts’ To Your Google Places Page

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday February 15, 2012 )

The ability to publish tweet-length posts to your Google Places company page is a feature that was right in front of my eyes, but I never tweaked to it. If you haven’t either, here’s what it’s about.

Place Page posts are brief updates you can post to your listing’s Place Page – a maximum of 160 characters.

Unlike a Twitter feed, a subsequent post will overwrite the original and each post has a maximum lifespan of 30 days.

Full instructions can be viewed here.

Note: if you’re someone who like me rushes in to try these features without reading all the documentation, be aware it can take several minutes for a post to appear on your page. I wasted about ten minutes fiddling around writing posts and deleting them before I read the friendly manual.

While 160 characters isn’t a lot, it provides some extra valuable space as Google isn’t overly generous with character limits on your main blurb either.

It’s just something that can help you stand out from other Google Places pages – I can’t seem to remember ever seeing another company using this feature, so I guess there may be a lot of folks like me who aren’t aware of it.

Speaking of awareness, mine was raised in regard to this in a post on the WhiteSpark blog, which also offers some other handy tips to “take your ho-hum Places page and make it not only better-performing, but also flashier than anything else on your block”.

If you haven’t claimed your Google Places page for your business yet, hop to it.

Google Places listings have been increasingly appearing in search results over the last couple of years, and usually towards the top of the first page. The listings are most commonly generated when someone searches on a term containing a local place name keyword.

I can’t say I’ve seen a huge deal of traffic generated from listings, but every visit counts.

If you’re pressed for time and abhor the idea of yet another listing to maintain; once it’s in place, it’s there – there is nothing further you have to do, although you may benefit from better exposure and more traffic if you keep it fresh and complete. At least if you take the time to put a basic page in place, you can always return to it to tweak further when the mood takes you or busy day allows you.


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