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Google hot trends

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday May 23, 2007 )

3 posts about Google in a week? Oh my, I was afraid of this happening :). It’s an aberration, not a trend I promise you and speaking of trends – introducing the latest feature from the mighty G – Google Hot Trends.

Google Hot Trends allows you to get a glimpse of the Top 100 fastest-gaining search queries made by USA users. It appears to be kept quite current judging by the related blog results and according to Google it’s updated several times a day. Clicking on a search term in the list brings up a graph showing the spike and also presents some recent blog and article entries on that particular topic.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll be presented with a stack of entries related to a certain young lady who is an heiress to a major hotel chain (I refuse to mention her name) or generic terms. Generic and adult terms are filtered out – Google Hot Trends focuses solely on queries that have gained popularity out of the blue. When I took a peek, there were some weird ones in there like:

“what part of a graduate’s costume gave the cordon bleu cooking school its name”


“kenmore 16237”

… which is a gas grill I believe.

How either of those two terms grabbed the public’s imagination is anyone’s guess :). Still, it’s an interesting tool (or more a toy), but I mainly posted this as it gives me the opportunity to flag other features of Google Trends in case you missed my post from around 12 months ago. Google Trends does have some *very* handy features relevant to search engine marketing and for analyzing consumer trends.

In a nutshell, after entering a search term in the Google Trends main search box; a graph is generated showing search activity over time and which geographic regions have searched for them most often. Where this could be useful is gauging where you should perhaps focus your marketing efforts.

Let’s say you have two products – flombles and flumbles; and you’ve been focusing your promotion on flombles. By entering both the terms into Google Trends, you may notice that people aren’t looking for flombles any more, but flumbles are red-hot; but you’ve buried your flumbles product line on your site. Google Trends can also be useful in determining new markets and terms you should perhaps spend more time optimizing your copy for.

OK, no more posts about Google this week unless they do something really, really eye-popping such as acquiring Microsoft :)


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