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Google adds to domain search listings

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday August 24, 2010 )

Google has announced it will now display more than 2 listings for the same domain for some queries.

Google said last Friday that queries indicating a strong user interest in a certain domain (or what it presumes to be a certain domain) will trigger the feature. The company says it was implemented to make it more likely searchers will find what they are looking for on a particular site – and faster.

The last few results on the first page will list other sites in order to preserve some diversity in the results.

Overall, it’s good news for site owners as the feature will crowd out the opposition. However, in some circumstances it could work against us too. Say for instance you have a competitor with a similar generic word company or domain name – if G picks your competitor as the top ranked, where you may have appeared in the number 3 slot before, you’ll now be down at no.8 when this feature is triggered – and being at no.8 these days isn’t like a number 8 in the “old” days, purely because search engines are getting so much better at returning results based on user intent and searchers are becoming more adept at forming queries.

The new feature is certainly going to add an extra facet to SEO activities.

While on the topic of the latest from Google, it seems Google is testing out an “instant search” feature whereby search results (not suggestions – a feature already present) start displaying as the user types their query and change as the query is extended or refined. You can read more about it (and see it in action) here.


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