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Generic domain names and PPC

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday May 6, 2009 )

According to a recent study, usiong a generic domain name in PPC ads attracts more clicks from people searching for that product or service.

Memorable Domains ran some trials using AdWords in order to gauge the true impact of a generic domain name on PPC search engine results, including impressions, clicks, CTR and CPC.

The company found that the click through rate of ads using a generic related domain name was 15% and 42% higher than the two alternatives trialed.

The study says that that the strong performance of a generic domain name is driven by factors such as:

· the close match between the domain name and the type of product or service searched for (regardless of the search keywords used)

· automatic bolding of search terms in the domain name in the PPC ad

· the possible positive impact of the domain name on ad quality score

You can read the full report here.

Another advantage of having a generic domain name is resale value and they do tend to be easier to remember. If you’re in the process of choosing a domain, check out my domain name selection guide… and avoid the mistakes I made when settling on many moons ago ;).


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