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FTC green marketing review

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Sunday December 2, 2007 )

The US government’s consumer watchdog, The Federal Trade Commission is about to commence a review of its environmental marketing guidelines, also known as the Green Guides.

The review of the 1998 guidelines wasn’t meant to occur until 2009 – but given the explosion of green marketing, particularly online, and the number of greenwashing (misleading advertising) incidents occuring; it’s been brought forward.

Recent consumer interest in environmentally products and services has been astounding and it is great to see people really starting to switch on to the world of green; but it can be a murky world. Green marketing is a confusing topic, not only for consumers but marketers as well, so this review is definitely needed in order to provide better guidelines.

Actually, I wasn’t even aware of the Green Guides’ existence until this press release from the FTC; and I suspect many other marketers are in the same boat. If you’re involved with green marketing, it’s probably well worth studying the Green Guides even though they will be updated. The new guidelines are likely to be tougher, so being up to date with the current information will provide a good base from which to build on. The current Green Guides also provide a series of good examples of the types of claims that are acceptable and those that aren’t.

If you haven’t yet explored the possibility of greening your online business and marketing the fact you are making an environmental effort; now is a great time to look into it. Issues such as global warming mean that people’s concerns for our planet are only going to increase in the years ahead and they’ll be increasingly gravitating towards businesses who show and practice some eco-savvy.


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