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Who does that site link to?

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Sunday April 8, 2007 )

A few days back I published a post about how to determine who is linking to your or any other site – aka backlinks; but what if you wanted to determine who a site is linking to?

MSN provides a handy tool for determining forward links.

Go to:
Type in :

.. where is the name of the site you wish to check – don’t use “www” in the query.

Why is this information useful?

The focus for many site owners are backlinks, but some search engines reward and/or penalize based on the quality of outbound links, or forward links.

Using the linkfromdomain feature, you can inspect the outbound links on your own site, or perhaps help determine why a competitor is outranking you. In the case of the latter, it’s likely to only play a small role, unless you are primarily linking to bad neighborhoods and your competitors are linking to good.

Let’s say two competing sites are just about equal in every way, except for forward links:

Site a) links to 9 good quality sites and 1 poor quality site
Site b) links to 10 good quality sites

The minor difference may just be enough to tip the balance in favor of site b) for ranking on a particular term, especially if the sites b) is linking to are strongly related to that term. If site a) were to drop the link to the poor quality site and add 2 outbound links to good quality sites; the positions may reverse.

While by no means a “killer” tool or strategy, the linkfromdomain operator is just another useful tool you can use in the increasingly complex world of search engine optimization. Taking a peek at the forward links of another site can also point you towards new useful resources and partnerships.

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