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Facebook Questions mini-survey feature

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Monday August 15, 2011 )

If you’re looking to do a little more with your business’s Facebook page, consider Facebook Questions’ mini-survey feature.

It’s nice getting “likes” and comments on whatever you post to Facebook, but it can get a little boring at times and participation from your fans can be limited. Not everyone is motivated enough to leave a comment, but many people are quite happy to tick a box to indicate an opinion.

Facebook Questions can spice things up a little on your Facebook page by encouraging more engagement, perhaps provide you with some further insights as to what your customers are thinking and drive some extra traffic to your Facebook page.

I must be blind because I didn’t notice this feature until today – and it’s been rolled out for over a year it seems.

Basically Questions allows you to asks questions and get answers from Facebook users. That can get a little messy in its free-form mode, but it also has a mini-survey option where you control the action – so to speak.

To access it, click “Question” at the top of your Facebook page or profile, then click “Add Poll Options” after entering your question.

You can then add the answers you want to have as options, then uncheck the “Allow anyone to add options” checkbox and you’re good to go.

Questions you ask will appear in your fans’ news feeds. When one of them participates in your poll, it will create a story on their profile, and also in their friends’ News Feeds, which can drive more traffic to your Facebook page – those people will also be able to participate in your survey.

What sorts of questions should you ask in your mini-surveys?

You could ask about opinions of new features on your site, perhaps reactions to topics related to your industry, gauge interest in ideas and offers you’re considering running, maybe even just some “fluffy” fun ones that don’t relate specifically to your business but would have wide appeal – the possibilities are endless.

You can learn more about Facebook Questions here.


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