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The exclusivity factor

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Sunday April 15, 2007 )

Truly exclusive offers can be great money spinners and one online company has taken exclusivity to the nth degree. But exclusivity or scarcity doesn’t need to be confined to high end products; online business of all sizes can leverage this strategy on just about any service or product they sell.

The recently launched sells no more than 20 different items at a time, each of which is only available in very small numbers. For instance, there’s a rather impressive looking Confederate road bike up promoted on the site at the moment and only 20 of these models will ever be produced. You can have on for just USD $80,000 :). Or there’s what’s possibly the most ugliest coffee and tea serving tray ever created – only 99 will ever be made and yours for only USD $40,000. is definitely not an online store for bargain hunters – it’s geared more towards those with a great deal of cash to play around with and obviously more refined tastes than I.

Still, it’s a very interesting concept and the basic strategy can be applied to your own goods and services. By creating an atmosphere of scarcity, you can actually boost your sales.

Read more about it in my new article on using scarcity as a marketing strategy.


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