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Email from & subject line relevancy

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Monday October 18, 2010 )

From and subject line relevancy isn’t just important for email marketing, but for standard email communications too.

With spam comprising so much of email, it’s crucial that you make your email subject lines relevant so they don’t fall victim to the delete button. Even taking a bit of care with the “from” line can help ensure that your customers and prospective customers don’t miss an important message.

Quite often I’ll see something like this in a subject line:

sales order verification

… that’s rather vague, particularly if the “from” name is just a name like Joe Bloggs, with no company association. If I’ve had no direct dealings with Mr. Bloggs, why is he writing to me? Must be spam.

Which would you be more likely to open?

From: Joe Bloggs [Companyname]
Subject: Your Companyname Sales Order Verification


From: Joe Bloggs
Subject: sales order verification

If you have clients complaining they never received a transactional email from you, this is an issue you should check for as its entirely possible that they did receive it, but it just blended in with a bunch of other solicitations, spam and phishing messages.

One of the guidelines of email use for newbies is not to open something if they aren’t sure who it’s from. This guidelines isn’t so critical now as email applications are more secure and virus/malware scanners are far more effective (if they are turned on and up-to-date of course); but it’s a rule that many still observe.

Effective communication is all about making your message stand out and even a boring receipt deserves a little extra attention.

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