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Email marketing trumps social media

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Sunday July 25, 2010 )

A recent survey designed to determine shoppers’ retail promotion preferences found consumers prefer receiving promotions via email.

CrossView surveyed 160 shoppers in 4 states in April, of which 35% said they were shopping due exposure to a retailer’s promotion.

Among those respondents, 32% received the promotion via a mailer, 29% from in-store promotions, 27% through email marketing, 9% through other channels, 4% through text and 0 from social media promotions.

37% of the consumers surveyed stated a preference for receiving promotions via email as opposed to other methods of delivery. Social media ranked nearly last with 9%, which was very interesting given it’s continually touted as The Next Big Thing… or more accurately, the Current Big Thing.

It looks like we’re seeing a similar scenario as with m-commerce and mobile marketing – for years that was hailed as being the hottest upcoming channel.. and it has finally happened. The beauty of social media marketing is that it is already showing results and is even easier (and cheaper) to do and as such, worth investing some time in now – such as establishing a presence on Twitter and Facebook.

Those surveyed also indicated a willingness to receive various types of communications from retailers. Thirty-nine percent said they would like to receive new product information and 12% expressed an interest in receiving discounts and coupons.

Further details of the CrossView survey can be viewed here


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