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Email response times survey

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Sunday July 18, 2010 )

New research has found nearly half of email related transactions and three-quarters of opens and clicks occur within one day of the message having hit a consumer’s inbox.

Conducted in March 2010 by Experian CheetahMail’s Strategic Services group, email performance was analyzed for just over 44,000 mailings from 404 merchants from different sectors. Results of one, three and seven days from send were analyzed.

An interesting observation was the variation in response times between different industries. Companies in the Business Products and Services sector had quickest customer response, with 52 percent of transactions and 79 percent of revenue generated within the first 24 hours. Travel was the tardiest, with just 13 percent of transactions and 11 percent of revenue occurring on day one.

Experian CheetahMail’s research also found time-limited offers in subject lines generate the most rapid response time (59%), with coupons demonstrating a much slower response rate of 36% of transactions during the first day after receipt. Abandoned-shopping cart emails were also observed to generate quick transaction responses with 52 percent occurring on day one, while also generating higher revenue per email in the long term.

As for “welcome” email recipients – they tended to take their time in making purchases, with around a third of transactions occurring on the first day.

The abandoned shopping cart email response rate is very important. Very few merchants seem to deploy that strategy – in the 15 years or so I’ve been online, I don’t think I’ve received a single such email. The way they usually work is to remind people they have items in their cart not yet purchased and often along with an offer of a sweetener such as a time-limited coupon code for a discount or for reduced shipping.

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